Dionysus 150L Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter- PRO


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Conical Fermenter, Every Home brewers dream !

NB: We produce these units upon order, We request a 50% Deposit upfront and it takes +- 4 weeks to produce.

We produce them as per the Dionysus Pro Spec’s.

Speak to us if you need something specific.


Moving to Microbrewery batches?

Look no further than our 150 liter Conical Fermenter.

We are constantly improving our products and the latest changes and additions to our locally produced conical fermenters are well worth the extra money.

The PRO version of the Dionysus conical fermenter has no threaded parts welded to the body, it has 4x 2inch tri-clover fittings welded instead which makes the product much easier to clean as well as very modular.
The tri-clover ports offers a series of additional items that can be purchased to simply clamp on to customize the fermenter and upgrade to suit your needs. This can be done upon the purchase of the fermenter or be bought as add-ons at a later stage. They simply clamp on and off.

150L Full volume

– All parts made from 1.2mm 304sus Stainless Steel

6Inch Tri-Clover connector on top for opening insures air tight seal. This allows for pressure fermentations and closed transfers with small add-ons. The lid can be upgraded to a 6inch cap with additional 2inch opening for pressure lid or dry hopping.

– 60 deg cone for optimal yeast harvesting

As standard the fermenter comes with the below included.

  • 1st Port – Blank off plate (not in use)
  • 2nd Port – Tri-Clover Thermowell to insert your controller temperature probe or thermometer
  • 3rd Port – Tri-clover Sampling valve
  • 4th Port – Tri-clover 1 inch 90deg bend with 1 inch valve

– Durable quality

Size – 1300mm H (Excluding bubbler/air lock) x 510mm Diameter

Additional items that can be purchased with these fermenters listed below:

6 Inch to 2 Inch Tri-Clover End Cap Reducer (To be used as a Dry Hop lid or to add Tapping head)

2 Inch Tri-clover Ball lock tapping head (To pressure ferment and dispense, need 6-2 inch reducer lid)

Floating Dip Tube

Spunding Valve

Stainless Steel Chiller Coil 7.5MT

2 Inch Tri-Clover Dip Tube

2 Inch Tri Clover Ferrule Sight Glass



NB:- Please note that these units are hand made locally and does not have a polish finish on the inside.


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