Antifoam Emulsion- 100ml


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To reduce foaming in fermentation and/or distillation of fruit and grain based products.

A food grade 20% active mineral oil based antifoam emulsion, ideal for antifoaming and de-foaming a wide range of aqueous systems. Effective at low concentrations when added to food stuffs and beverages where foam control is critical.


• Juices and syrups

• Fermentation processes

• Jam and jelly making

• Water based systems

• Fruit and vegetable processing

For maximum de-foaming efficiency, pre-dilute  with 3 to 5 parts of water momentarily before adding to the foaming system. For effective dilution, do not add the antifoaming agent to the water but rather vice versa. In processing applications as an aid, in concentrations of 10 to 500 ppm can be added.

Dosage will depend on foaming properties of raw material.


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