50L- 2Inch 3Plate SS Reflux Column Still- Sight


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50L- 2Inch SS Column Reflux Still

Included with this still:

1x 6inch- 4inch Bowl Reducer

1x 4inch- 2inch Reducer

1x 4inch Blank plate for Man hole/Filling Port

2x 2inch Spool

1x 2inch Inline sight glass

1x Dephlegmator

1x Needle valve

3x 2inch Bubble plates

2x 90deg Elbow

1x Dail Thermometer

1x Spirit Condenser

1x 2inc-1.5 inch Surge breaker

1x Inline Parrot

All Tri-clover clamps and seals to build still

1x 50L- 304SS boiler with 6inch opening for column and 4inch Man hole/Filling port with 2inch Ferrule for element and 1/2inch ball valve for draining

Boiler ready to be used with Gas or element, but element and controller not included, can be quoted separate.

1x hose kit

NB: Pump for water circulation on condensers not included!!

Speak to us if you have any special requests/adjustments you want us to quote on!



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