Naked Oat Malt- Crisp


Crisp – Naked Oat Malt


Replacement for:

Any naked oat malt (naked means it is husk free).

Colour (IOB):

2.0 – 7.0

Tasting Notes:

Creamy, Oaty

Beer Styles:

NEIPAs, oatmeal stout, oaty pale ales.


Crisp Naked Oat Malt has become a stalwart of the NEIPA recipe. We malt naturally naked oats to increase potential extract. Naked Oat Malt gives a lovely creaminess and mouthfeel in all styles of beer and is especially suited to juicy hop bombs and heavy beers. They also impart a toasted, biscuit aroma and palate.

Oats are high in β-glucan and for both brewing and baking uses Naked Oat Malt can contribute beta-glucans (soluble fi bre) to add an extra property. If run-off is a concern at higher addition rates, mix 50/50% with our Flaked Torrefied Oats.

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Crisp – Wheat Malt – In brewing, Wheat Malt can be used as the base malt at around 55% inclusion for wheat beers. When mixed with barley malt, Wheat Malt can improve head retention, improve mouthfeel and introduce flavour changes in other beer types.

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